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Best For IP Base CCTV Solution (Video Surveillance System) & The Best CCTV Camera Solutions In Bangladesh.

CCTV Solution (Surveillance System) - Get Idea of CCTV - CCTV Bangladesh.

Microtech Surveillance solution in Bangladesh include site surveys, drawing up plans, budget castings and system design. We offer Surveillance systems to suit any budget and we tailor every solution to our customers exact requirements for security Automation system. Our Solution technology include Computer DVR Base CCTV Surveillance, Embedded System DVR (Digital Video Recorder) , Modern TCP/IP NVR (Network Video Recorder) Base Surveillance Solution In Bangladesh. Why should An Enterprise have CCTV in Bangladesh (Surveillance System) Video surveillance or CCTV in Bangladesh has proven to be a sound investment in spite of a expensive solution. Statistics reveal a major reduction in the amount of crime being committed in areas covered by video surveillance. CCTV has been proven to be the most cost effective method for crime prevention and detection. Possible benefits also include reduced labor costs, deterrence of criminal or anti-social activity and evidence gathering. The reassurance that the system provides for staff and customers should not be overlooked. The Security system designed and installed by Microtech (BD) System will give you peace of mind in these unstable times.
24/7 surveillance systems with complete range of CCTV system including CCTV camera- CCTV Analog( box camera, Box cameras, Dome security camera, IR security camera, PTZ camera, Special camera, Spy cameras) and IP camera ( Network cameras, wireless security cameras), CCTV DVRs( Standalone DVR, Card DVR) and CCTV NVRs & other CCTV accessories.

CCTV Camera For Bangladesh Include Many Types of CCTV , IP Camea Products and Solution in BD

CCTV CAMERA - A CCTV Camera is Not Only a Products to Purchase and Use Like End User Technical Products, But The Products Solution to Specific Need for the Home, Office, Industries , Parking, Market and So and So.... Systems Required to Plan to Set up with Expert Person Know Well About CCTV. In Case of Bangladesh IT Also Important to Get Solution from a Company Of Technical Solution.

Camera Selection is the Kep Point for Good Solution for Any Organisation wish to Install CCTV Camea, DVR, IP Cam, NVR.
CCTV Camera Solution , Camera Selection:

  • IR Dome , Buller Camera Solution (Night Vision Camera): Is A Camera Mean Infrared Camera, a Indoor or Our Door Camera Can Be Infrared , Can View At Night Dark Points. IR Range is a Factor for Selecting a Night Vision Distance to View. All Camera Has Not Same IR Range. Few Camera Support 20 Meter IR Distance, Few 40 Meters, and 80 Meters Also. (Few Popular Brand Offer Verious Kinds of IR Camera to Provide Proper Solution to Users.)

  • Types Of Camera: Once The Box Type Camera was the Only Camera Choice for the Person to Install CCTV, Now Its Become Many Types Like , Box, Bullet, Dome, Fish Eye, Speed Dome, Pant Tilt Camera, etc.
    This Camera Types Depends on Type of Housing, Decoration and Some Times Technology Dependant. Internal CCD Sensor, CMOS Sensor are the Same In Many Cases.

  • Dome Camera, IR Dom Camera: Are the Camera of Celling Mount , Good Decorative good For Indoor Camera Solution.
  • Bullet Camera: Bullet Camea are Shape Like a Bullet, Nice Looking, Good For Both Indoor, Outdoor , Dust Environments. Bullet Camera is Popular Now a Days for OutDoor Camera Solution. Most Company Desing Bullet Camera with IP67/ IP65 Standard for Water Proof, Dust Proof/ Outdoor Uses.

  • PTZ Camera : PTZ Mean the Pan, Tilt and Zoom Camera. PTZ is one of the Technically Advance Camera also the Expensive solution. Camera can be Control By Keyboard, DVR from Central Location. PTZ is good for covering a Good Area with Only Few Camera. PTZ Camera Comes with Many Extra Function Like IVS- mean Intelligent Video Systems, Some Called, IVA- Intelligent Video Analysis, Some PTZ Camera Auto Tracking System, Can Track Person, Object Automatically. PTZ has more Function, need to check the Spec of a Camera before you wish to Get PTZ / Speed Dome for your Company.

  • OUTDOOR FIXED CAMERA: Outdoor Fixed Camera is a Solution to keep on eyes to Specific Location All Times. in Most Case We Always Design Outdoor Area to Monitor with Outdoor Fixed Camera Solution. Our Engineer Most Case Prefer to Desing With Fixed Camera As Per Camera Lens Calculation to Cover a Area of Clients Requirements.

  • HD Camera : In Recent of 2009~2012 , Most CCTV, Security Systems Engineer Feel the Need of High Quality Image for CCTV Camera to Identify a Person or Object Proper way by the Use of Video Footage Recorded. Analog Camera with TVL output Fail to Provide Clear Image also Problem for Greater Distance. So The Developments of HD Camera Was a Need to this Solution. Earlier 2010~2012 its come to Revulation to HD Camera Design and Production in Markets. HD Camera Engineers or Good Manufacturer Started to R & D on uses of Existing Infrastructure of Cables but Solution to Provide Best Quality HD Image to the users.  Finally many Camera Manufacturer Started to Developed their Won Technology to Transmission Video Over Coaxial Cables Analog Infrastructure but Provide HD Quality Video. FEW Transmission Technology Develope to Achive this Goal. This HD Camera Technoly Introduce are HD TVI, HD CVI, CBS, AHD and Many More... But Finally The Most Popular Technolgy Become the HD TVI , in Some Case The AHD Become the Popular too. HD CVI Was Deveoped By DAHUA Technology as Their Propritory Technology at First Few Years and So Engineers and Technical Company Suffer for Lack of Technical Solution for HD-CVI, Finally Dahua Technology Make to use for All Manufacturer.

  • IP CAM (TCP/IP Network Base): IP Camera is Technology Of Full Digital Data Transmission, Fully Different From CCTV Camera, Analog and HD Solution. IP Camera Use the Cabling and Addressing Technology of Internet Protocols Called IP. Cabling use UTP, CAT5, CAT6, Fiber Optics. IP Camera is Technologically Advance and Expensive Solution. But Easy To Use and Maintailence by Expert Engineer for IP Network. Basic Technician Can Not use IP Camera Because of Network Knowledge. IP Camera is Advance Technical Solution to Large Organisation wish Cost on Security and Monitoring Systems.

  • PTZ CAM (RS232/485) or (IP PTZ): PTZ Camera Can Be Alaog , HD and IP Camera Solution. Analog Camera PTZ Controlling Need the Control From DVR Via RS232 and 485 Communication. Now a Days Its Updated Much More. IP Camera Has the Full Control over The IP Network. Few Manufacturer Also Developing their Won Control Mechanism of Keyboard.

  • DVR: Internet Base DVR : Internet Base Monitoring of Camera from Remote Location is the Basic Requirements of CCTV Camera System's Choice. Almost All Camera , DVR , NVR Manufacturer Have Their Won Developments Apps for CCTV monitoring Over Online. Also Desktop Appication and Cloude Service are Providing by The Manufacturer and Large Dealer to Support the Clients All Over the World.
  • DVR CARD (PC Base With Microtech Customize  Software, Enhance Security Server): Onec DVR Card For PC Base System Monitoring was the need for CCTV Solution.Today Embeded DVR Become the Cheap Solution so DVR Card Become Obsolate.

  • STANDALONE DVR/ Embeded Box (DVR With Online Monitoring Software): StandAlon DVR is the Embeded DVR System, Where a Device With Builtin Embeded Linux is developed for DVR Box Solution as well as The NVR Come with The Same Technology. A Embeded Box DVR , NVR is also a Computer System with Linux Embeded OS and Camera Codec (H264, H265, MPEG are the Video Camera Codec) Hardware in Built in Board.

  • Network Vedio Recorder (NVR): NVR is Same as DVR but Mostly NVR is the IP Camera Recoded. Both Software and Hardware with Embeded OS NVR is Availble in Market. Software NVR are Sometimes Use By Clients for Large IP Camera Solution and Sometimes Clients Choice Software Free Version of NVR cause of Cost.

  • CAR DVR: Vehicle or Card DVR Now Becoming Popular For the Monitoring and Vehicle Security. Vehicle DVR comes with SD Card Recording Systems also Most Card DVR Comes with GSP module with IT to Monitor the Car GEO Location at 5 to 10 Meter Tolarance. Car DVR is Good For Public Transport Solution. Most Of Car DVR Also Have the Solution of 3g / 4g Network Module to Remote Monitoring of Stream and GEO Location of GPS.

  • RESPONSE SYSTEM / Push Video : Few DVR , NVR Camera Comes With Intilligent Response and Alert System Via SMS or Internet for Alert User the Events.

  • ALARM: Alarm Function is a Basic Fuction of Motion Detection , HDD, Login Attemt , Vedio Loss Alarm Can Use Connected to External Alarm For Enhance Security.
  • MOTION DETECTOR ALARM: Motion Detection Alarm is A Typical Fuction of DVR, NVR But Few Camera Also Comes With Motion Detection Technology In Built.
  • CAR Parking System Monitoring With Controlling System: Few Camera Specially IP Camera Now a Days Developing with The Technology of Parking Management , Toll Managment. Where Camera Comes with The LPR Liecense Plate Recognisation Technology as Well as The RFID Tag Reader where the Camera Read The Liecense Plat or Vehicle Tag from The Vehicle and Update to the Parking mangement System to Open the Parking Barrier Systems. This are the Critical Solution of CCTV Camera Intigration with Parking managements.

Basic Types of CCTV Camera, DVR and Accessories in Bangladesh
CCTV Camera in Bangladesh, CCTV Bangladesh
CCTV Camera in Bangladesh, CCTV Bangladesh
CCTV Camera in Bangladesh, CCTV Bangladesh
Box Camera
Dome Camera
Bullet IR Camera
DOME & Dome IR CCTV Camera in Bangladesh, CCTV Bangladesh
IR Dome CCTV Camera in Bangladesh, CCTV Bangladesh
Spy Hidden CCTV Camera in Bangladesh, CCTV Bangladesh
High Speed Dome Camera
IR Dome Camera
Spy Camera
CCTV Camera in Bangladesh, CCTV Bangladesh
CCTV Camera Accessories in Bangladesh, CCTV Bangladesh
DVR in Bangladesh, Digital Video Recorder Bangladesh
Zoom Camera
Camera Accessories
Standalone DVR

CCTV Solution
DVR Card
IP Box Camera
CCTV Monitoring Solution


CCTV Camera Solution , Package , Installation and Service in Bangladesh

CCTV Camera Project Works
CCTV Camera in Package Home Bangladesh, CCTV Home Bangladesh

CCTV Camera Project Solution

Camera Project Solution is Not Covered By Any Price, Cause a Project Work Might Be a Solution Special Case That Need Special Accessories and Time to Complete The Works. So All Camera Project Workds Depends On Clients Requirements and Target.

CCTV Camere Home, Small Shop Solution

Home CCTV Solution is Good For Home User, Small Shop and Products Store Where All Solution Covered by a Small / Medium Space By 1~4 Camera , 3 to 7 Days Recording , Remote Network Viewing at Low Cost for All Level of User in Bangladesh

CCTV Camera Packages, Home Package, Small user Package
CCTV Camere Home, Small Office, Shop Solution

Package Solution is Good For Home User, Small Office , Shop and Products Store Where All Solution Covered by a Small / Medium Space By 4~8 Camera , 10 to 15 Days Recording , Remote Network Viewing. MicrotechBD Offer Package Solution for All Enterprise at Affordable Cost in Bangladesh.
CCTV Camere Moniotoring Solution
Video Wall Solution
Central Monitoring Solution

CCTV Camera Monitoring Solution is Cover By Expensive Solution , From Remote RealTime Monitoring, Central Monitroing Solution and Video Wall Solution. All Are Expensive and Require for Industies, Metropoliton Security, Campus Security, University Security.
HD CCTV Camera , Solution and Project Contact in Bangladesh
HD CCTV Solution with ( HD TVI, HD CVI, AHD, IP HD Camera)

HD CCTV Camera Now Become the Very Popular in Bangladesh. There are Many Good Brand and Supplier Working with the Basic to Advance Project of CCTV Camera Solution in Bangladesh. Few Company are Expert and Telented Engineer Provide Quaolity Solution to Customer with Their Special Requirements.

MicrotechBD System Provide the HD CCTV Solution with Reknown Bran in Bangladesh. HD CCTV Camera Products Like HIKVISION, Avtech, Dahua , Logse are the Most Popular Brand in bangladesh. MicrotechBD System Importer , Distributor and Dealer of Popular CCTV HD Camera and IP Camera Brand in Bangladesh. Also the Project Contractor for Large CCTV Project. MicrotechBD Working on this Field Since Last 9 Years.
Please Contact to MicrotechBD in Bangladesh for CCTV Packages, Project Solution and Direct Purchase of CCTV Products at Cheap Cost and Best Price in Bangladesh.


IP Camera Solution in Bangladesh
IP CCTV Camera Solution in Bangladesh
IP Camera is One of the Advance in Technology and Expensive Solution in Bangladesh. Few IP Camera Solution Comes with Basic Low Cost for Home User . IP Camera Solution Can Provide with Very Critical Need and Large Scale Intigration. Small Solution With IP Camera is Not Nesserary. But The Largse Intigration of CCTV Surviellance Solution with IP Camera is Best For Large Enterprise, Metropolitan Area, Public Place, University...

Please Contact for Your Project of IP Camera Solution , Whatever your Organisation Need is, We hope to Provide the Expert Solution in Bangladesh.